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Q: Is Atax the finest hacker?

Of course he is.



Q: Internet use for public?

In Erickson at the Library. In Onanole at Sportsman park and the Elkhorn Resort. In Wasagaming at the Siesta Cafe and the Friends of RMNP Learning Centre.

Q: How many private cottages and cabins are located in Wasagaming?

525 Cabins and 254 Cottages. These are private residences.

Q: How large is RMNP?

3090 square kilometers.

Q: The highest elevation in the park is?

749 meters and the highest in Manitoba is 831.2 meters.

Q: How deep is the deepest spot in Clear Lake?

113 feet.

Q: Number of Visitors in RMNP each year?

approx. 300,000

Q: How high does highway 19 climb?

approx 300 meters in a few kilometers

Q: How many kilometers of trails in RMNP?

Over 400

Q: When was the National Park founded?


Q: What is there to do in the winter?

Christmas Bird Count, Skating (Elkhorn Resort and outdoor Rink behind Park Visitor Centre), Curling, Cross Country Sking, Snowmobile Trails (outside RMNP), Snowshoeing, Sleighrides, Ice Fishing, Winter Camping, Riding Mountain Loppet, Family Fun Day.

Q: Where can we buy fishing licenses?

National Park licenses are avaliable at the RMNP office, Elkhorn Resort and Fas Gas in Onanole.

Q: Is there a Fishing Guide in area?

Call 848-2256

Q: Is there only one Golf Course in area?

Clear Lake Golf Course and Elkhorn Resort Golf Courses are members.. There are two in Onanole.. One of them is not in operation until 2008.. Then a golf course in Sandy Lake as well.

Q: Can we hunt in RMNP?


Q: Are there trailrides anywhere?

At the Elkhorn Resort, Triangle Ranch offers, one hour, two hour and Hay rides - May - September. In the winter they offer Sleighrides, Bob Sled, Cutterides.

Q: Where can I find out about Hiking/Biking/Horseback Rirding Trails?

Contact the RMNP Visitor's Centre or Administrative Building (848-PARK), refer to the RMNP Visitor Guide, or visit the Friends of RMNP Learning Centre (open year round).

Q: Are there Marsh Kits for the Ominnik Marsh.

Yes, you can pick them up at the Nature Shop in the Visitor's Centre.

Q: How long are the hiking trails?

Clear Lake North Shore 9.5 Km Clear Lake South Shore 7 Km Lake shore short loop 1 Km Lakeshore long loop 2.6 Km Ominnik Marsh 1.9 Km South Lake 3.4 Km Wasagaming Bike Trail 5.5 Km Arrowhead 3.4 Km Grey Owl 8.9 Km Kinosao 3.9 Km Brule 2.1 Km Loon's Island 2.4 Km Gorge Creek 6.4 Km Burls and Bittersweet 2.2 Km Oak Ridge 3.1Km Bead Lakes 4 Km Boreal 1 Km Moon Lake 9Km Kippan's Mill 1.2 Km Crawford Creek 10Km Beach Ridges 3.5 Km

Q: What are the Visitor Centre Hours?

May 18 - Oct 8 - 9:30am - 5pm June 29 - September 3 - 9:30 - 8pm

Q: Bowling?

There is a 5 pin Bowling lane at Sportsman's park and Lawn bowling in the townsite.

Q: Mini golf?

Sportsman's Park and Onanole.

Q: Any place we can find out information on History?

The Pinewood Museum is open July and August.. 848-2810.. 154 Wasagaming Dr.

Q: Where can we Launch Boats?

Only Clear Lake, Lake Audy, Boat launch and Golf Course in RMNP. Ditch Lake offers a Boat launch. Canoe's can be used on Moon Lake, Gunn Lake, Whirlpool and Kinasao.

Q: Where can we camp?

Erickson has a Campground. Onanole has the Onanole RV campground and Sportsman's park. RMNP has the townsite campground, Moon Lake, Whirlpool, Lake Audy and Deep Lake.

Q: Boat Rentals?

The Clear Lake Marina has boat rental, Canoe rental, Kayak rental, fishing equipment for rent..

Q: Where are the Playgrounds?

Both Onanole and Erickson has Playgrounds at the schools. In the townsite of Wasagaming there is a large play area behind the Visitor Centre.

Q: Where can we find Childrens programs?

Friends of Riding Mountain National Park (848-4037), Riding Mountain National Park (848-PARK) and Wasagaming Community Arts (848-2993) all host summer kids programs. Check Their websites for postings.

Q: Can we play Tennis anywhere?

There are Tennis Courts located behind the Visitor Center in Wasagaming.

Q: Where can we rent Bike?

There are several Businesses in Wasagaming and the Elkhorn Resort.

Q: Where can we rent movies?

M&M Grocery in Erickson. Onanole has Home Hardware. Wasagaming has several businesses. The Park Theatre runs movies all summer long.. Look for their flyer with their features.

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